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Spotify now offers a 3 months for R60 deal


Spotify now offers a 3 months for R60 deal

Spotify has announced a new cheaper deal for holiday season to grab more to users to stream music on their platform.

The streaming service which is going up the likes of Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube Music is users a new package of three months for just R59.99 to all eligible subscribers who have tried Premium before and quit their subscription.

Smart if you come to think of it! With this move, Spotify is aiming to attract those users who unsubscribed from their premium package.



The three months for R59.99 is for the individual Premium plan and is not available to users who ended their Premium subscription after October 19, 2019.

Those who want to get their hands on this offer will have a chance till 31 December 2019 when it ends.


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