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A LOOK AT: The most expensive iPhone model


A LOOK AT: The most expensive iPhone model

Dripping in gold and diamonds.


Ever thought what the most expensive iPhone model will look like?

World-famous Tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD received a limited edition iPhone 11 by Caviar to check out and share his review.

The gold and diamond dripping model features a customized rear shell with a built-in analog clock. With such an high-end design, this iPhone model comes with a heavy price tag of $121,180.



The company says “Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Solarius Zenith is the sign of the undeniable superiority and closest position to an ideal. This is an accessory that can be hold in hands of only the most worthy ones.”

Here’s a video by MKBHD to give you a closer look at the phone:


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