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Dave’s Quality Meat Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” set to make a return this March


Dave’s Quality Meat Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” set to make a return this March

15 years later.

2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Air Max 90, so be on the lookout for a bunch of Air Max 90’s dropping thought out this year and that includes this Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”.



This Nike Air Max 90 was originally released back in 2005, in collaboration with now-closed New York sneaker boutique Dave’s Quality Meat designed to resemble slices of pork belly.


Dave Ortiz (founder of Dave’s Quality Meat) had an opportunity to share the story behind the shoe design:

“We have this opportunity to make a shoe, when you go down to a Blazer, the Dunk, the Air Force they’re very flat shoes and I figured if we’re gonna be on our feet all-day we might as well have a comfortable shoe. So for me the Air Max 90 was perfect.

I get an email and they like hey man if you want the shoe done you gotta get it done, gotta send it by Monday so we can have it for the next season, and I was like yeah I got the idea! …I didn’t have the idea.

It’s like Saturday night, early Sunday morning I’m in the supermarket – I wanna get the bacon, egg, and cheese and I was like f*** I can just make it myself, so I start walking around I get my eggs, bread, cheese and then I see the Bacon and it was that Uh-Huh moment…I was like f*** I can make an Air Max 90 look like bacon and I just saw it in my head.

It warms my heart that people loved this design and here we are today talking about it, 15 years later.”


The shoe’s color palette draws inspiration from the bacon, features shades of Red, Pink, and Sail –  manifested through the upper’s suede and leather construction.

Look out for Dave’s Quality Meat Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” to release sometime in March 2020. Otherwise, stick around for further release info.

Source: py_leaks


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