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ABSA offering its customers a 3-month COVID-19 debt holiday


ABSA offering its customers a 3-month COVID-19 debt holiday

During this time of coronavirus disaster.

ABSA announced today that it will be offering its customers a 3-month breather to not pay their debt or reduce their repayments during this time of coronavirus (COVID-19) disaster.

The programme incorporates a three-month payment relief and allows customers in need of short-term financial relief to reduce their monthly instalments. Customers in good standing (with up-to-date accounts), and who have been financially impacted by the pandemic will have the opportunity to opt-in for payment relief, aimed at assisting with cash flow needs. This means the programme will give customers the opportunity to either continue paying if they are in a position to, to pay reduced instalments by agreement with the bank or to defer payments for a period of three months.



Customers in need of short-term liquidity relief will qualify for the relief programme that applies to Absa’s credit products. These relief measures apply to Absa’s corporate, wealth, business bank, private bank and retail customers.

“We realise that this is a difficult time for our customers and businesses whose financial means are being negatively affected. After careful consideration and engagements with regulators, we are pleased to introduce a comprehensive customer, business and corporate relief programme. This programme, effective on Monday, 30 March 2020, is in line with the principles of an industry-agreed approach. We urge those of our customers who are able to continue making their payments, to do so. This will enable us to extend these measures to many more who are not in a similar position,” said Daniel Mminele, Group Chief Executive of Absa.

However, relevant agreements will be adjusted, by revising the loan period and capitalising interest during the relief period.


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