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A LOOK AT: Levi’s x Super Mario streetwear-inspired collection


A LOOK AT: Levi’s x Super Mario streetwear-inspired collection

Featuring a collection of Denim, Tees and Accessories.

Levi’s has collaborated with Nintendo’s Super Mario for a bold and stylish streetwear-inspired collection.

Levi’s x Super Mario features a collection of denim, tees, and accessories that brings together two major cultural icons famous for their youthful energy, nostalgia, and love of creativity.

The collection itself features bright, saturated colors and graphics alongside fan-favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, and Princess Peach.



Super Mario elements not only appear in graphics but also in details like gold coin graphics peeking out of jean coin pockets, mushrooms and stars on Levi’s back patches, Levi’s tabs in special colors with vintage video game-inspired font, and shank buttons in red, blue, green, and yellow.

Other pieces include Super Mario printed Levi’s tote bags and Levi’s banana Slings and a Super Mario print denim Trucker. It’s a very special collaboration that was made by fans for fans, with a love and enthusiasm that can’t help but shine through.

Levi’s x Super Mario collection is now available to buy online via

Here are more pieces from the collection and pricing info :



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