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PHOTOS: A look inside Drake’s multi-million dollar Toronto mansion


PHOTOS: A look inside Drake’s multi-million dollar Toronto mansion

Housing a basketball court, 10-car garage, awards room & more.

Rapper Drake recently invited Arch Digest for a tour of his multi-million dollar Toronto mansion.

Drake purchased the $6.7 million piece of land in North-East Toronto’s exclusive Bridle Path area in 2018 to build on it a 50,000 square feet palace.



The 19th-century limestone mansion has inside an OVO-branded NBA basketball court, an elevator, a 10-car garage, four guest bedrooms, an awards room, a piano room with a piano by Bösendorfer designed in collaboration with Takashi Murakami and Rafauli, a screening room, a gym and a jersey room for his basketball memorabilia.

“Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel. It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong,” Drake tells AD.

Here are photos of the mansion shared by AD:
















Source & Photos: AD


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