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STREAM: Mas Musiq and Aymos drop collab EP “Shonamalanga”


STREAM: Mas Musiq and Aymos drop collab EP “Shonamalanga”

Featuring hit single ‘Phesheya’

Thabo Ngubane aka Mas Musiq has linked up with singer-songwriter Aymos for a collab project titled “Shonamalanga“.

The two are famed for their hit single “Zaka” which was part of Mas Musiq’s debut album ‘Mambisa’ which released in 2019.

For 2020, the two talents have teamed up once again, this time not for a single, but a  6- tracks E.P, with hit songs like Shonamalanga feat. Myztro’ and Phesheya.

Waste no time, Click here to stream “Mas Musiq and Aymos – Shonamalanga” EP. 




1. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Shonamalanga ft Myztro

2. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Rhandza wena

3. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Phesheya

4. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Bambelela

5. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Falling for you

6. Mas Musiq x Aymos – Ub’ukhona ft Shasha

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