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PRADA store in Sandton shuts doors permanently


PRADA store in Sandton shuts doors permanently

PRADA store shuts doors permanently.


The one and only Prada store in South Africa has closed its doors permanently.



Located at the bling-filled Diamond Walk inside Sandton City, the store opened its doors back in 2015, housing women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, leather goods and footwear collections, and incorporated upscaled booths displaying accessories.

In a short statement by the Prada Group stated, “We are writing to inform you that the Prada store at Johannesburg Sandton Mall is now permanently closed.” It directed customers to the Prada website and social media channels for “inspiration” and welcomed them to Prada stores around the world.



The Prada Group also owns the infamous luxury brand Burberry, which operates a handful of stores located in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


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