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We had an exclusive interview with the new MTV Base VJ, Nomuzi Mabena , populary known as the girl who loves chiskop.

interviewed by Sandy Nene

*Tell us about Nomuzi & her heart for this industry , sure by far with all the achievements ,your parents are proud…

Sho! I’ve given a lot of myself to be in this position and I definitely love what I do. I’ve only really been in the industry for a short while and I’m still learning about it and the more I learn, the more I love. It is hard but its worth it.

*Tell us about Nomuzi before the TV industry?

I don’t think she’s that different now. Just a few more people know her name and she has a lot more work to do. I’m just a girl from benoni. A daughter, a sister, a friend. A little bit awkward and a big big dreamer.

*How has your new Job at MTV Base and Club 808 Changed ur public life?

There have been a lot of sacrifices. I don’t have as much free time as I used to have. I can’t stay up till stupid o’clock and party as much as I used to but its all been worth it. A few nights out in exchange for your dreams is something I’d give up any day.

*You are not new to our tv screens.. we’ve also seen you on the LIVE
Presenter search where you was one of the finalists… what made you
give this presenter search another try?

Giving up is way harder than trying. Kanye West said that and I think it is so true. If you really want something you’ve gotta work for it and that’s all there was to it man. Nothing becomes of nothing so if you wanna get it, go get it.
Plus I had a lot of people rooting for me and wanting to see me do well so I couldn’t disappoint. This competition was bigger than me, it was for everyone that’s been told ‘no’.

*Your style is Unique and Classy, is there a particular inspiration?

Just basically how I feel in the morning hey. But I love checking out Blogs and seeing what’s hot, I love old school/throwback clothes and I love throwing some African pieces in there. I have quite a simple sense of style though.

*Why Chis Kop?

It started because I didn’t know what else to do with my hair and it just sorta stayed. It just works hey. I’ve gone back to hair twice since I cut it but its just too much work man. Its low maintenance, its cheap and it looks good so hey man…

*You have fans now.. how does that feel? I mean we all want them!

Shucks its cool I guess. I’m just glad that people are watching my shows and enjoying them. I just hope people will learn from me and my journey. I just hope I don’t disappoint them hey.

*This industry is no childs play are you ready to be stalked and monitored every move you make?

My secret is “If I don’t want my dad to see me doing it then I shouldn’t do it” otherwise I’m a pretty mild person so its chilled I guess. I can only face those challenges as they come. As long as I don’t give people anything to talk about it should be fine.

*Im sure there are many guys out there who’ve suddenly started hitting on you now that you’ve just joined tv, what’s your take on them?

Lol:) why does everybody think this?? There really haven’t been hey. Or maybe I’m just not noticing them. The guys have been behaving, nothing absolutely out of the norm. Chilled vibes on my end.

*Tell us about your life around campus…

I’m on a very small campus, VC Sandton. Its very chilled, not too loud even. Everyone seems to get along with everyone and everyone is friendly. I must say the people on my campus are very clean and they all look good lol:) I like it, its the perfect size for me. I basically go to class, grab a bite to eat at ‘The Source’ which is our campus food joint and head home. But ya, I’m ‘that’ girl on campus that wears heels everyday lol:)

*Ladies in the entertainment industry are busy competing against each other, do you have any competition?

In this game everyone is competition. In the girl standing in an audition line is your competition. Its important to just stay in your own lane and do you. Its cool though, keeps you on your toes.

*Do you think fame will ever change you?

Fame will obviously change my life but I don’t think it will change me. Especially with the family and friends I have. They will call me out so fast if I ever change so I think I’ll be good.

*What are you currently Listening to?

Since I got the job I’ve been listening to a whole lot of music from all around the world. Its important that I’m clued up on all genres from all over. So yeah… It varies. My favourite song righrt now is Ralf Gum ft Monique Bingham – Take me to my love.

*Where do you usually hangout?

Recently discovered Melville again which is cool. I love Six on 7th ave. My friends and I hang out there and at Liberation Cafe. I dig MixMash in Greenside too. And on a good night out you will probably catch me at Icon Sandton. I love ending my weekends with my peoples at ALS.

*Is presenting all you ever wanted to do as you grew up?

Nah I actually wanted to be a maid, then a hair dresser and then only after doing public speaking and drama and watching lots of YoTV did I think about presenting as a job.

*Most presenters are likely to join the acting scene as time passes, do u think u would join too? if ever u were given a chance to star in a soapie?

Um… If the character was right and it would be beneficial to me and my brand then probably. Presenting is my main focus right now. I think joining a soapie at such an early stage wouldn’t be such a good idea. I’m be known as just ‘Nomuzi’ for a while:)

*Yourself in 3 words….

Work in progress

*Aka or Siyabonga Ngwekazi?

My dad hahaha:)

*Complete The Sentence

South Africa is……Home

*What can we expect from you beside the MTV Base

I’m gonna be featuring on Club 808 on etv so peeps can check that out. I’m also gonna be mc’ing gigs all over the place. I have a whole lot of plans and goals that I want to reach but those are still in the working stages. But for now, just expect some kick ass tv.

*Matriculants are stressing because of their exams… what’s your message to them?

Work hard man. Do you and never EVER give up. Pray… To whom ever you pray to. That quiet time is very necessary but just keep pushing. Nothing becomes of nothing so if you don’t try by every means to reach your goals you only have yourself to blame. And run your own race. Don’t compare your success to that of anyone else. Do your own thing so that once you’ve made it you can tell your own story.

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