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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with Khabonina “KhaboDacious” Qubeka


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with Khabonina “KhaboDacious” Qubeka

We had an exclusive interview with one of SA’s biggest names in the Dance & Choreography industry, Khabonina, popularly known as ’KhaboDacious’

– interviewed by @SandyNeneSA


*Who is Khabonina at home?
Wow, at home, I’m pretty much the same hey, loud, love my space, A
LOT! I read, write, swim, practice yoga, sleep and Love good food
(sometimes I cook it, sometimes I “Woolies” it! Lol!

*Tell Us About your Latest Single “We Getting Down” i really love it! I’ve had it on Repeat so many times… what went through your mind when
composing this song?
We Getting Down” is a Party song! I was looking for a song that would
drive me crazy when I’m @ a party or a club! The lyrics are basically what normally takes place @ a club / party. ie ‘wangibuka wangibulala’ (u look @ me and I just die) “Sondeeeela, ngibambel’ enonini” (come closer, hold me close to you) There’s always this one girl/ guy you want to impress, you’ll work it all night until he says ‘Hi’ !  *oh shut up, you know this is true* LOL!!! The beat was inspired by the latest dance genre ie David Guetta vibes etc. Produced by the talented Pricha Maponyane.

*Do You Write Your Own Music?
Oh yes! I prefer to write my own music. I feel I express myself better and I say what I truly feel. I write from experience and I enjoy exploring and expressing how I feel! I’m also open to being written for, as long as the Lyrics are Edgy and Dacious!!

*When Can we expect to see The Video Premiere on our TV Screens?
The music video is HOT and ready , will officially be released 1st week of December 2012. It was supposed to have been released sooner, due to technical delays, its only being released early Dec. Its Funky, Edgy and very sexy! There are some “steamy Pole” moments, you will see some hot Pantsula dancers called: ‘Duduza young Generation’ , Dj’ and some gorgeous girls! Can’t wait for S.A to “Get Down” to this !!

*Do you ever imagine your Dacious life without Entertainment?
No ways! I feel I was born to Entertain! Lol! But if I was not an entertainer, I would certainly be a rocking Bodyguard for any President/ or a SWAT team leader or a very smart “smooth criminal”!

*Tell Us About the Dance classed that U Offer?
The “Kha’bodacious Moves Dance Classes” are quickly becoming the most sought after dance classes in S.A ! Lol! I’ve been running the Dance sessions since mid 2005, I run the project with my Mother (Portia Qubeka)! At Kha’bodacious Moves , we use Dance as a tool to motivate you to bring out the best in you. The great thing about these sessions is that, they are also ‘Mobile’ , we ‘Move’ , example, sessions and workshops take place throughout SA, ie Cape Town, Durban, P.E , these happen per booking . The latest addition to the K’ sessions is the “Ladies ONLY DANCESATION” , here, ladies come through to Dance , Tone their bodies and Also do some Pole dancing *Grrrrrr* ! The response to the “DANCESATION” sessions have been awesome!! Thank you Lord! -» Dancesation info

*You are involved in many Projects At once.. Do you ever get the ‘Me’ time?
Oh my word! I Love me some “ME TIME” , without “Me Time” I don’t exist! “Me Time” helps me plan, helps me re group, its my time to meditate, pray and connect with my spirit!

*You are one of the leading Roles on Local M-Net TV series ‘The Wild’ How do you relate to the character you are playing?
LoL! Oh nooooooo! How does anyone in the Universe relate to “Maxine” mara! Lol! She’s an interesting character to play, I had to make sure to add different fibers to her though so that the audience loves and hates specific elements in her! In the upcoming episodes, she goes even deeper! Such characters , must be played with tact! Watch the Future episodes, uzobona !! MAXINE goes to the MAX !!!

*What are you driving?
My dream car , a Jeep wrangler ! I’m just in love with its rugged look and feel! I feel like an adventure everyday I’m in her! Ps. (Secret nyana) Even though there would be parking available, I still park in the awkward rocky uneven spaces… Bcoz Me & Jeep CAN!! LOL!

*Which LOCAL Comedian does it Best for you?
John Vlismas ! He’s INSAAANE ! Even before he opens his mouth! LOL!

*On Your latest album, which artists did you work with?
I have been blessed to work with the talented producer Pricha of Hallo Productions on tracks like “Wax it” and “We Getting Down” , talking to Omen of “Peanut Gallery” fame and the rest are a surprise!  Full album out in March 2013.

*If There had to be a desert being named after you, what would you name it?
Thick Chocolate Dacious Dip! *Yummy*

*Do ever look at your self and say “I’m a Celebrity” like most public figures put them self?
Hell NO! You never tell yourself that, or call yourself a “Celebrity” ! Its the people who give you that title! I’m an artist! I know that for sure and I’m very proud of being an Artist in South Africa today!

*How many times do you Dance in One Week?
I DANCE everytime my body commands me to! Some days it could be for hours on end, esp when I’m with my Dancers preparing for shows, as we are now, DEC is going to be a busy month for us,  sometimes I dance just once in a day, but a day hardly goes by without Dacious busting a Move! Lol!

*What Musik Do U Listen To?
I Listen to Ragga, Dance Hall, Hip Hop , Kwaito, RnB, Dance/House and Classical Music!

*What’s the most awkward thing a Fan has ever done for/to you?
A lady ran up to me with her husband in tow and said “Tjooo Khabonina, My man loves you SO much, tell her baby , please m’tshele” (to her embarrassed husband on her side) and poor guy felt so awkward, I had to interject “You have a beautiful wife lana bhuti!” Said I ! LOL *she was really beautiful tho, I meant it*

*In four Words Describe to us a Proud South African
Walks Proudly, Humble Nature!

*Thanks for This Interview, What can your fans expect from you this festive?
My supporters can expect the Dacious one appearing / performing in their hood!  A HOT music video and much much more!

Love & Appreciate you!

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