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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with Refilwe "Vanilla Blaq" Modiselle


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: with Refilwe "Vanilla Blaq" Modiselle

*Who is Refilwe?

– Refilwe is a bubbly, ambitious young lady, filled with life, love,
gifts & many aspirations

*Where did the name “Vanilla Blaq” Come From?
– The name is representative of my being a black person in a white person’s skin. if you research into the origin of vanilla, we’ve always associated it to be white, but it’s original form is a black seed, but when processed ends up white. Hence an extension of me….being vanilla & black = vanillablaq

*Where did you grow up?
– I was born in Soweto, Rockville, we moved to town when I was four years old, then eventually landed up on Orange Grove, where I’ve been for the past 16 yrs.

*Could You Please tell us about your Childhood!
– I had a simple upbringing like every other child with a chiildhood…lol. I was happy & doll-like, as my mom loved to dress me up in cute clothes. There was nothing drastically different in my childhood
only thing is in school I always sat at he front because of not being able to see far & during physical education lessons I didn’t stay hours on end in the sun. My teachers & friends often took care of me.

*How was it growing up seeing yourself different from other children and how did they Treat you?
– Other children would have been obviously intrigued by me, but i was never fell short of friends, if anything they treated me like a friend…..yes inquisitive now & again, but never malicious. Some would make comments but i hardly took note of it because I was a happy carefree child, I never noted the difference within myself to other children as my own upbringing didn’t allude  to me feeling inferior to myself.

*Tell Us about your Role At Legit! wow I Must say that alot of women in SA look up to
– I am the summer campaign Legit Ambassador (as SA’s first working albino model), a blessing I would have never anticipated. And its humbling to know that one will follow through a line of amazing strong woman, who have been a aligned with the brand. The entire experience has been out of this world…from doing the ad, to the media exposure & the love & support I’ve received thus far from many people. I’m a lucky lady.


Refilwe Modiselle

Refilwe Modiselle


*Was Modeling all that you’ve always wanted to do?
– I never wanted to be a model. It’s something I had never pictured
for myself doing because I had a love for creativity, so I wanted to be graphic designer/fashion designer or advertising guru. But it found me, I grew into it over the years. I’d also developed other aspirations, such as being a singer, media mogul & motivational speaker/life coach.

*Beside Legit, what else do you do?
– lol wow & now you make me expose all my array of colours. I’m currently a Marketing Personnel for Sugarushed Records, which is also broadcast as a reality show. I’m a voice-over artist, vocalist, aspiring actress & one day hoping to go full swing into being a speaker & MC. I’d like to fully explore all my God given talents.

*” I am a woman of colour” Could you please explain This line to us, I know it doesn’t just mean the way you dress, There must be something beyond that!
– “I am a woman of colour”, means, although I am a black woman living in a white person’s body….I’m a woman who is colourful in her sense of self. I hold many facets that make me who I am. “the qualities you possess in you that make you who you are”

*How Does it Feel Being the first Working Model in SA That has Albino?
– Very proud. It’s something I have to pinch myself about every day. Such things don’t just happen randomly. Grateful & humbled is how I feel.

*Were there people who have always told u you wont make it? what was your reaction towards them?
– A life can never be lived where one or two people may not have something positive to say. For me, my approach has been to shut such people out & not entertain negative energy, because those people are not the masters of your life plan. And I’ve always maintained that those that speak in the negative, only reflect the issues they have within themselves. If I’m good with me & continue to hold a positive light. I leave no room to entertain what doesn’t to be given power.

*Are you a Political Person?
– I can follow politics in terms of keeping abreast of current
affairs to stay informed, but I’m not necessarily a fan of politics.

*What do you think of the Madiba New Bank Notes? Do U like them? Do you think it was necessary for the government to Change our money?
– Visually I don’t find the notes too appealing. They are rather a bit much….but using Madiba on the notes is admirable & fitting for a man of his calibre.I don’t think it was necessary cosmetically, but for security purposes change needs to happen.There’s also a part of this where we need to adapt to change as well.

*Can you give us your opinion on IZIKHOTHANE
– Is that even worth a point of discussion.

*Is Your Clothing Line at Legit Targeting a certain Age? If Yes From which age do you think people will Love Buying?
– Legit’s target market with this range is from the teeny bopper who wants to be colourful, hip & trendy, to the young lady or woman who wants to look amazing bright & beautiful, without the extremes of spending exorbitantly.

*People Love u on Twitter and other Social Networks, do you think they truly love you or is it because of your achievements?
– I think that should come from the people themselves to say why they truly love me, but I have a feeling I’ve won hearts with my positive & genuine energy & the fact that I’m a people’s person makes life a lot sweeter.

*Dj Sbu or Euphonik?
– DJ Sbu, I respect his hustle.

*Are you a Party Person or you enjoy just being indoors and spending time with fam?
– I enjoy a good party once in a blue moon but I prefer to be indoors with family eating, talking a lot of hogwash & laughing. I’m a person of genuine spaces.

*Is There a Particular Guy In your life?
– Oh wow, no comment…lol. I prefer to keep my lovelife quite private until I can present a king among kings to call my hubby.

*What can u tell us that we don’t know about You?
– I can sing! From the core of my heart.

*Words of Motivation To SA Youth 
– Be aware of the intention you place behind the things that you do & do them to the fullest of your potential with a clear heart. And even in your achievements as you rise, value where they come from, always keeping a sense of humility & respect.

Thanks For allowing me to have an interview with you! U are a simply gorgeous Woman. Would Love To Hangout with U In The Future. Thank you for having me do this interview & its an absolute pleasure. Would be great to hang indeed. Love & light

Interviewed by @SandyNene

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