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Busta Rhymes and Ciara to perform in SA for a youth campaign


Busta Rhymes and Ciara to perform in SA for a youth campaign

RockCorps, a global youth movement organisation, announced that Busta Rhymes and Ciara will be coming to perform in SA, however, tickets won’t be available for purchase or winning. Instead the youth will have to earn their tickets by giving four hours of their time to community service.

Coca-Cola® RockCorps unveiled the first of many community- projects aimed at mobilising the youth of South Africa to be active participants in uplifting their communities.

The Coca-Cola® RockCorps platform, part of the global RockCorps movement, officially launched at the Thembalethu Primary School in Meadowlands Zone 10, and promises to bring with it a teen-driven movement for change unlike anything the country has seen before. Participants will be rewarded with access to a Concert featuring international artists including global superstar Ciara and Hip-Hop legend, Busta Rhymes who were announced by RockCorps today.

RockCorps CEO Stephen Greene said, “RockCorps has already been to eight countries across four continents, but bringing the platform to South Africa has always been a dream for us,” says Greene. “Announcing such great and committed artists like Ciara and Busta – will take this platform off the launching pad. With the commitment of Coca-Cola® in South Africa, we know we are creating something very special – combining music and community action. Stay tuned for a few more surprises as well….the first all-volunteer concert on African soil”.

Ciara commented, “I am so excited to come to South Africa and perform for the thousands of volunteers who gave their time to uplifting their communities. Using my music to empower young people to reach their potential is what I am all about. See you in Johannesburg!”

RockCorps is a unique global platform that inspires young people from around the world to become active social citizens by volunteering just four hours of their leisure time to give back to the communities in which they live. In a global first, Coca-Cola® RockCorps is sharing happiness by rewarding volunteers with an additional ticket to the event to share with a nominated friend. Tickets to the main concert cannot be bought or won through any other mechanism – they can only be earned through commitment and active participation in social change.

This strong ethos of ‘Give, get Given’ is what has set RockCorps apart as an engaging and effective social innovation tool in countries around the world, including France, the UK, US, Mexico and Australia.

Coca-Cola® is the first beverage brand to partner with RockCorps since the platform’s inception in 2003. As part of their commitment to ‘Do Good’ in areas throughout South Africa, Coca-Cola® has embraced the RockCorps initiative as a revolutionary way to reward and recognise teens for their positive social activism. “Coca-Cola® RockCorps is unlike anything we have brought to the country before,” says James Maclachlan, Assets Manager Coca-Cola South Africa. “Even though the entire rollout is still at a relatively infant stage, we have already seen the intrigue and commitment from young South Africans who are really responding positively to the opportunity to be rewarded for doing good.”

Coca-Cola® RockCorps will now embark on an extensive community project phase throughout the greater Gauteng area, visiting more than 24 different project zones including Shoshanguve, Daveyton, Alexandra and Orange Farm. Total volunteer hours spent across all regions will top 10,000 hours, more than an entire year’s worth of time spent upgrading and refurbishing community areas in just two short months. “Our aspirations are sky high,” concludes Greene. “When you see youth coming together to transform their communities – and then celebrating that with a huge concert, anything seems possible.”

“Coca-Cola®’s participation in a project such as this is indicative of its inherent DNA to uplift and empower our local communities, with a strong focus on the youth, as the future of our country”, adds Maclachlan.

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