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‘Red Stars’ for Valentine’s Day with Heineken®


‘Red Stars’ for Valentine’s Day with Heineken®

Tired of getting candy and cards for Valentine’s Day? With Heineken’s new ‘Red Star’ can design now on shelves, we think it’s time you started dropping some hints.

Because let’s face it, what man of the world wants six red roses when a six pack of stars is on offer?

Heineken® recently launched their new can design which has more silver on the outside with the same gold liquid on the inside. The visibility of the aluminum material creates a fresh look. “Bare aluminium looks fresh and thirst-quenching when you take the can out of the fridge,” says Tjeerd Veldhuis (Marketing Manager, Heineken® South Africa)

We also redefined the green racetrack emblem on the packaging, taking out the white center, to give it a sense of transparency,” says Veldhuis.
Star of the show |The timeless and contemporary red star is one of Heineken’s most important visual symbols and has always been part of the brand identity. It’s now larger and more visible so it really stands out. The new can design will be the same all around the world.

“Heineken® packaging design is based on a couple of key principles. It must be progressive, iconic, true to the brand personality, and clearly recognisable, “says Veldhuis. “These elements are all present in the new Star can design – we call it ‘sophisticated simplicity.’ And of course it’s also just beautiful.”

So if you’re looking for something a little extra special from your girl this Valentine’s day, start staring wistfully at a six pack of red stars when she next drags you shopping.

HEINEKEN® Not for Sale to Persons under the Age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.

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