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Google reveals a new logo


Google reveals a new logo

Giant search engine, Google has unveiled their new looking logo. Now using a sans-serif typeface, which omits the use of conservative projecting features known as “serifs,” Google’s new logo comes off as much more modern and outgoing. The colors, meanwhile, have been softened a bit, perhaps as a nod to their new parent company, Alphabet. As the video above shows, the logo has been steadily evolving since 1998 but this is easily the biggest change since just before the millennium.

More exciting this would be bringing the design change to all of it’s products. They have already started updating some of their major apps with new logos on web and Android.

The new upper case “G” will be carried over to any apps that previously had the old lower case “g”. Web apps, so far, with changes are: Google+, Maps, Translate, News, and Search. On Android, only Maps and Translate have made the change. Maps also got an update with some new changes too.


Check out the the transformation video below, from where it all began…

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