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Google launches new advert free YouTube service ‘YouTube Red’


Google launches new advert free YouTube service ‘YouTube Red’


Google announced the launch of its new advert free YouTube service called YouTube Red. However the service will come at a cost of $9.99 per month but users can enjoy a free one month trial from 28 October.

For users who are already paying for Google Play , they will get the YouTube Red service for free and if you subscribe for YouTube Red you will get access to Google Play.

Unfortunately iOS users will need to spend a little more and will be charged $12.99 due to the Apple in application purchase tax. Once subscribed users can enjoy YouTube video and Play Music content on-demand without ads the new service will replace Google Music Key.

It as been revealed that Google will split the YouTube Red revenue with the right holders of content but is viewed via the service, although any partner creator who doesn’t sign the deal for YouTube Red will immediately have their videos on the old-school ad-free YouTube hidden from view.

Next year, the new YouTube Red service will also start offers user exclusive access to YouTube Original Series and Movies as well as YouTube internally-produced premium video content for YouTube stars

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