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How Millennials are Sexting – This what they’re saying


How Millennials are Sexting – This what they’re saying


If you’re a millennial, sure you will fit in just fine in this conversation, all about ‘SEXTING.’
When we talk of sexting, someone might think of two people sending each other nudes or dirty talking corrupting blue and grey speech bubbles. Well let’s school you abit, Sexting is a term created by and for the millennials. The growth of the digital space into social media platforms then into messaging apps has made it easier for expressing yourself and communicating. This comes as no surprise that it went as far as people expressing their sexuality through technology.

Either you’re on Twitter, iMessage, Tinder, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Facebook Messenger: sexting, and nudity, has become so commonplace in modern millennial culture, it is now a very normal and healthy part of dating.
But let’s be quite honest not everyone is into Sexting, some people are horrified by the idea of sexting. Are they right to panic?

Well, we had a chat with 5 millennials to hear their views on the subject, and share their interests about the whole Sexting thing.
*Because of privacy reasons, we won’t be using their real names.


<4>What does Sexting mean to you?

GG (Lady): digital sex that could either result in self pleasure or be so intense that we’re (the person on the other end) forced to meet up
DM (Guy): Since we live in a digital/ technological time, sexting to me means engaging with a partner, crush what ever it may be in a non physical way. It’s the art or combining sexual words or phrases that will raise the reads temperature Without being physically touched
NM (Lady): Sexting is creating new ways of keeping the fire going in a relationship it’s basically having sex on text
DP (Lady): Sexting to me means, having an arousing conversation with the hopes of intercourse later on lol, coz otherwise it’s useless
TJ (Guy): Texting anything sexual and juicy



When did you start engaging in Sexting?

GG (Lady): When my current relationship started
DM (Guy): I don’t have an exact year but in my late late teens early 20s
NM (Lady): My late years of varsity
DP (Lady): started when I was 15 I think , when mxit was big
TJ (Guy): Can’t remember the year but around 2009/10 when i got my first smartphone



How often do you engage in it?

GG (Lady): When we haven’t seen each other in a while or when the memory of our last session is still fresh
DM (Guy): There isn’t a number to it. I think we as humans tend to send risqué texts without realising it. It could pretty much be everyday
NM (Lady): Once in a while probably twice in a month seeing as I’m in a relationship and we don’t stay together
DP (Lady): occasionally, when I want it 😛
TJ (Guy): Anytime is teatime, long as I’m in the mood



Which app do you prefer to use for sexting?

GG (Lady): WhatsApp, sometimes Instagram (but the Insta-story)
DM (Guy): WhatsApp
NM (Lady): Whatsapp or face time😊
DP (Lady): iMessage, it’s more private than WhatsApp
TJ (Guy): WhatsApp and Twitter DMs



Weirdest line sent/received during Sexting?

GG (Lady): “I’m just really horn and want to make love to you” 😂 this was from some random guy I’d only seen (literally *seen*) twice. He was someone else’s attractive and had bulge for daaaaays 🙄 so I was completely grossed out 😷
DM (Guy): Out of the blue a person asked to marry me
NM (Lady): “Oh you like that “😂
DP (Lady): some guy said he wants to make cereal with my cum, lmaoooo
TJ (Guy): I’m wet now should I take change into new clothes? this was from a girlfriend, whom I thought was just a friend



What annoys you about Sexting?

GG (Lady): I get horny and I’m not a fan of self pleasure so I have to stop because it won’t get anywhere anytime soon
DM (Guy): What grinds my tits has to be when my someone borderline harraases me with nudes. Happens a lot on my socials networks particularly on Facebook
NM (Lady): Sometimes I just don’t want to engage in it… it’s so much work
DP (Lady): when he’s too explicit
TJ (Guy): When you trying to let her in, but she doesn’t get it



Do you use emojis during Sexting?

GG (Lady): Yaaaaaas! 👅
DM (Guy): Yes
NM (Lady): No
DP (Lady): yasss. Emojis have that thing
TJ (Guy): Ofcoz we I got a smartphone, why not



In your rules of Sexting; do you exchange nudes?

GG (Lady): Yaaaaaas!
DM (Guy): It depends who I’m being freaky with. I mean you can’t just share nudes with just anyone who would leak them to the public
NM (Lady): Yes lots of them
DP (Lady): No
TJ (Guy): Yes, I do, they just make the whole thing more saucy



Your preferred time and place for Sexting?

GG (Lady): On my couch, time isn’t of the essence, I’m flirty 24/7
DM (Guy): Any time of the day anywhere
NM (Lady): Late at night when I’m at home
DP (Lady): after 10pm, in my room
TJ (Guy): anytime, anywhere



Do you think it’s a healthy activity, would you advise friends to get involved?

GG (Lady): Yaaaaaas! It makes the sex even dirtier when we finally see each other and I would recommend it to my friends tbh
DM (Guy): Yes it’s very healthy. It keeps the romance alive. You want your partner to be excited way before you even physically touch them
NM (Lady): yes extremely important
DP (Lady): ofcourse. Sexting makes you put your fantasies into words. Gives you an insight into your partner’s dirty mind
TJ (Guy): Absolutely yeah! it brings out that yum yum talk out of you



Do Sexting is amped by technology and smartphones?

GG (Lady): Sexting *is* technology and smartphones. You can’t exactly write someone a letter telling them all the dirty things you’d like to do to them with small drawings of your underwear all over it 😂
DM (Guy): Yes it has. Now we can be graphical about what we are talking about. Before phones were “smart” you had to descriptive with what you would have shown a person. One can use emoticons and photographic pictures
NM (Lady): definitely if we lived in the olden days I think we’d definitely be making babies as oppezssed to keeping it cool and sexy
DP (Lady): to some extend yes. But I think it’s been happening ever since letters
TJ (Guy): Yep, you can imagine how they’ve made the whole thing alot easier


Well hope that was juicy enough!!
To explore the subject further, you can check out a Netflix documentary ‘Addicted to Sexting’ that shares the history of Sexting. Here are some interesting things we picked from the documentary:

– The history of Sexting began with answering machines, followed the use of photographs and then simple text messages such as 80085 (which means boobs) and 696969 (quite obvious).

– The very first sext-message was sent in 1992. 22-year-old engineer – Neil Papworth is noteworthy for having sent the very first text message in history. Using his computer to transmit the message to a colleague’s phone, he typed ‘Merry Christmas.’ It’s rumoured the very next message was ‘naughty or nice?’ But this is unconfirmed.

– In 2004; an article aptly named ‘Textual Gratification’ appearing in Globe & Mail; is believed to contain the first ever documented use of the term ‘sext’. As well, the term was officially added to the Oxford dictionary.

– When Puff Daddy, was asked to define Sexting, this is what he said;
“See this is an art and this is a relationship that men and women have had since the beginning of mobile devices.”

– And Kevin Hart
“I think the way to send a sex message is to be blunt about it. The most bluntest thing that you can say, you say to see the reaction.”


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