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INTERVIEW: DeepCatz on Music, Culture and LPO Festival


INTERVIEW: DeepCatz on Music, Culture and LPO Festival

Name: Tshepo DeepCatz Mshengu
City: Johannesburg
Pursuit/Career: Dj and Events Management
Style: Deep House


What was the spark that got you interested in music initially?

The Spark that got me into music – my Mother used to host parties in the 90’s they used to call it istokfela.
And she used to hire some local Dj and he played Disco music in this day it is called house music so I was attracted and gained the interest of that type of sound during those days.


Do you think the connection between fashion, music, and art changed in recent years?

Fashion, Music, and Art it’s one thing that you can’t separate, yes it has changed nicely but only in the city, places like Braamfontein, Maboneng, Rosebank some of the creative spaces in the City.


What has been the most rewarding thing about your DJing career and what has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

The rewarding aspect of my career is that I’m currently in a Nike running project so it’s a community of lifestyle people you’re living a great life enjoy good things in life and being connected to those people who like listening to good music at their spare time,it’s a bigger audience and it’s easier for me to share with them my mixtapes spread love through music.

The biggest obstacle in my career it’s not getting enough gigs as a Deep House DJ because promoters most of the time are focusing on the commercial or mainstream music.



How does your city influence your style and sound?

When you’re living in Joburg it’s easier to be influenced by the surrounding because most of us are sharing the same goal and people are always willing to have a new experience in terms of music, you have a freedom of playing music that you love and share the experience kids are always willing to learn something new.


How do you balance work/life in a fast paced city?

Well, the only way to balance work/life is to live your dream do what you love, it’s like a woman you love you don’t get tired of seeing her, life is like that, never change something that won’t work always follow your dream. Therefore the balance will come naturally.


What can fans/people expect from you at the upcoming LPO Festival?

From playing at the build of LPO I saw that people are hungry for good music so my fans should expect nothing but good music.


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