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INTERVIEW: Seth Pimentel on his connection with Art & working with Levi’s®


INTERVIEW: Seth Pimentel on his connection with Art & working with Levi’s®

Also known as African Ginger

We recently caught up with Seth Pimentel aka African Ginger who’s an illustrator.
He is known for his unique style of presenting art in form of illustration. He has recently been invited by Levi’s® to come and customize fans’ Denim Jackets at the Levi’s® Tailor Shop (in Braamfontein). Levi’s® is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Type III Trucker jacket, they decided to give their fans a platform to showcase their creativity.

He is our chat with Seth about his work and working with a classic brand like Levi’s® :

was the artist for the day and some of the fans were there to get their denim jackets worked out by Seth.

What was the spark that got you interested in visual art and illustration initially?

SETH: Well It’s a bit of a funny story actually, well not really funny but a super weird one. I was like 6, and September 11 just happened. So it was super raw and talk about it was in the air constantly. I was like in grade R, and we we’re told to draw how 9/11 made us feel as children. I vividly remember drawing the worst thing one could imagine, this macarbe and rather abstract piece, that to me, seemed very asinine. But my teacher loved it so much. She put it up on the wall with all the “best drawers” of the class. Man from that day I was so hooked on drawing, it become a part of me.



What has been the most rewarding thing about your journey?

Some of the most rewarding aspects for me is watching my progress. Watching my own growth and development. Looking at older works I did two weeks ago, or six months ago and seeing the content I create now really gets me hyped. Man, inspiring a lot of other young and older creatives, seeing them flourish In their crafts, all finding inspiration in me, really makes me feel like I’m doing something right.



How would you describe your style?

Yo, my style is mad weird. It’s super macarbe and alien, but simultaneously its warm, and soft. I’d like to think its a blend of my dark cold side and my soft, warmer child-like side. It’s like the ultimate embodiment of me.



Do you think the connection between fashion, music, and art changed in recent years?

You know, yeah, there has been a disconnect a few years back. But a resurgence now. there was a huge connect between them. Back in the 80s and 90s there was such a harmonious blend between them. But something weird happened when the 2000s came, this loss of connection. I dunno like this global fear of the apocalypse or something. But there was this disconnect. But like after 2010/2011 (in my personal opinion) this connection started happening again. Music started influencing art, art started influencing fashion, fashion started influencing music, and vice versa. It became this shared cycle between them. Beautiful. Now, because of social media, the three just keep on growing and sharing and growing and sharing. It really is beautiful.



What does working with a classic brand like Levi’s® mean to you?

It’s warm. It’s kind, a unique experience, such a fascinating sensation. It’s overwhelming to some extent. I really get to just be myself, creating and imparting a piece of myself to such a classic brand. Impart a bit of myself to everyone who gets something from me. It really means a lot to me.

You will be doing some of your artistic work on denim jackets at Levi’s® Tailor Shop , how does that make you feel?

I’m super stoked hey! Anxious, but unbelievably stoked! Such an awesome concept and i’m genuinely hyped on the entire experience and process man.


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