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Samsung will make more money from iPhone X sales


Samsung will make more money from iPhone X sales

More money than it makes from Galaxy S8 parts

When the iPhone X hits the shelves next month, Apple Inc.’s rival, Samsung Electronics Co., has good reason to hope for success.
Samsung division stands to make $110(est. R1.5K) from each unit of iPhone X sold. The twist reflects a love-hate dynamic that is one of the more unusual relationships in business.

Samsung will make dollars and dollars from supplying screens and memory chips for the new iPhone X.

Doing the numbers, it’s estimated that Samsung could earn about $4 Billion more in revenue making parts for the iPhone X, and that’s way more money than Samsung makes from Galaxy S8 parts – in the 20 months after the new iPhones go on sale (03 November 2017).



Apple will look to reduce its supply-chain reliance on Samsung, according to industry analysts, and is working to diversify OLED production by 2019 at the latest.


(Originally Posted On The Wall Street Journal).


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