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REVIEW: Do it with Howler, Events Cashless Payment Experience


REVIEW: Do it with Howler, Events Cashless Payment Experience

Easy, Quick and Hassle free.

Howler, is the powerful event technology platform designed at the uppermost benchmarks of service and technology to help consumers and event organizers to make moments that matter.

This past Saturday, we had opportunity to use the Howler system in play at the Spring Fiesta Festival in Boksburg, the system is a two-part system, firstly there’s the Top-up station then there’s the spending station, which can be any bar, food stall or any place where you can pay to acquire a service or a product.

Our Howler cards were branded by Smirnoff and loaded with R500 each. For me to be convinced of the durability and sustainability of the system, it couldn’t have been tested at a better event than at Spring Fiesta Festival. With over 10, 000 people (potential system breakers) the system was pulled to its last strings and worked throughout the entire Festival with no hiccups.



Howler allows consumers to dance without wallets and event organizers to be hassle free from chaos of Slow POS systems.


To TopUp your Card: For you to spend your money at a Howler powered events, you need a Howler Top-up card, which works just like any inspired Top-up card. You get help from Howler service agent and choose your recharge preference, cash or bank card, say your Top-up amount and Wala! Done!

To Spend you Money: go to the shop or bar at the event, choose your beer or product, issue-in your card, transect, see your new available balance and Wala! Done! the transaction is done.

No hiding your pin or worrying about people stealing your bank card, its a simple 3sec place and hold transaction.

The Magic of the Howler System: 

  • the topUp Card (NFC enabled)
  • the handheld topUp (NFC enabled)
  • the topUp Station (NFC enabled)

The magic here is NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology, NFC allows for secured flow of information in a  timelessly and secure environment. NFC is the same technology used by Banks and other money concentrated institutes to allow for connivance and timely of consumer transactions.


Personal view of Howler: it’s a great system!

Howler is a great system and would I recommend it, especially at events, it lessens the ques at bars because the transactions are fast, its just a tap and go transactions, if you don’t spend all your TopUp amount, you can still get
a refund at Howler, so impressive system, durable and efficient.



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