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Spread the love with these Celebrity Valentine’s Day Cards by YMZ


Spread the love with these Celebrity Valentine’s Day Cards by YMZ

Includes AKA, Cassper, Sjava and more.

Happy Love Day, Happy Valentines Day!

So instead of sending your loved ones those cheesy cards covered with hearts or a teddy bear picture, we have something special for you – how about sending them a Celebrity card that they won’t find anywhere else.

To celebrate the love day and to shift away from the basics we have sketched a few Valentine’s Cards featuring local artists. We picked a few charming lines from songs by AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Kwesta, Sjava, Riky Rick and more.

So start spreading the love by picking your favourite celebrity card below and share the special message with your loved ones. 


Oh, I love it, hey
When everybody got their eyes on you my darling ~ AKA #SweetFire



You deserve VVS diamonds
Private jets if you wanna choose a climate
When I’m with you all my days are the brightest ~ Cassper Nyovest #BabyGirl



buhle bakho abufaniswe nalutho
Kubical’ukuba muhle
Ngabe sowufile yinhlawulo
Ngabe kuphelile ngawe Ngab’ugcwel’emajele ~ Sjava #Valelise



See I just really miss you yeah
And I’m forever in tune to you
Somehow I just stay glued to you ~ Shekhinah #Suited



I’m proud of everything that you’ve accomplished
Kodwa ngik’thanda ngoba you’ve been my accomplice
Ngikthanda ngoba wangthanda when I was tarnished
For that I will die another day just to bond with you ~ Kwesta #NgiyazfelaNgawe



You’re high class so ain’t nobody can get it
And if they tryna holler then tell these n****s forget it
(Cause you’re mine), girl I’ll never leave you behind ~ Riky Rick #Sondela


I love what’s inside you way more than your pretty face
I don’t usually go on dinner dates
I prefer to stay at home but you got me doing different things ~ Cassper Nyovest #Destiny 



I’ve seen the way
You look at me
I know you’ve been my baby ~ Lady Zamar #MyBaby



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