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KWESTA celebrates 7x Platinum for ‘Dakar ll’


KWESTA celebrates 7x Platinum for ‘Dakar ll’

Headed to Diamond.

KWESTA announced on Twitter that his latest project ‘Dakar ll’ has reached a new milestone.
The album is now 7x Platinum, which makes it the highest selling SA Hip Hop album to date and is headed to Diamond.

“I take it as a SIGN that this milestone coincides with RiSA declaring DaKAR II is now SEVEN TIMES PLATINUM, making it SA HIP HOP’s all-time best selling album,” he tweeted.



RiSA certifications
Since August 2006, albums were required to sell 20,000 copies to be certified gold, and 40,000 copies to be certified platinum. These requirements were later adjusted for albums released from 1 December 2015; albums would need to achieve sales of 15,000 to be certified gold and 30,000 to be certified platinum.

Kwesta’s momentous platinum milestones are an accumulation of hard work, resilience and consistency over the past decade. Having declared DaKAR II as his most important work to date, with the industry acknowledgement of his work and the tens of thousands of purchases of his music, is testament to the significance of the album not only to the rapper but for the South African music industry at large.


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