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Slaying Goliath collaborates with Yogi Sip

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Slaying Goliath collaborates with Yogi Sip

For a limited edition Youth Month product pack.

Creative designer and illustrator, Slaying Goliath, best known for his Run The World and Davetionary series, is collaborating with Yogi Sip on a limited edition Youth Month product pack.

True to the importance of words to his style, Slaying Goliath has used no less than 10 motivational quotes over the various bottles of your favourite Yogi Sip flavour. “Never stop working on the biggest brand, you”, “Craft your work and stay true to yourself. Always.” and “Slay in your lane and believe in your true purpose” are just some of the quotes to have influenced his approach to life and design. A personal gift to the youth of South Africa and everyone who enjoys a Yogi Sip.



“I’ve unapologetically used my face as the central theme and canvas for the typography. This makes the design very personal to me and visually gives me ownership of my design while paying homage to the Yogi Sip brand. I’ve given colour and dynamism to the typical black and white chessboard. This represents a break from the structural classification of race.” he says of uncharacteristically using himself as the central theme of the campaign.

Finally, Yogi Sip and David Slaying Goliath have curated YOUNG@ART to inspire and assist the next generation of young artists in getting some recognition for their craft.

Join them at Cnr Smit & De Beer, Braamfontein on 17 June 12h00 – 15h00 to celebrate these young artists and as Slaying Goliath picks his winner for the day. Get a free ticket here.


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