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A LOOK AT: N.o.t.e Collection Lookbook ‘Mangolian in Soweto’ shot by Kgomotso Neto


A LOOK AT: N.o.t.e Collection Lookbook ‘Mangolian in Soweto’ shot by Kgomotso Neto

Inspired by the Mongolian people.

Elias Sibata the mastermind behind N.O.T.E Clothing has recently put out a vibrant and fashionable collection inspired by the beautiful mountain Asian tribe called the Mongolian people – and he titles this the ‘Mangolian in Soweto’.

To tell the story better, he has come together with photographer, Kgomotso Neto to put out a full lookbook for the collection.

The collection showcases formal wear with art printed cotton, fur, striped woven winter fabrics. The focus here was more about creating a gender-fluid collection that caters for everyone who wants to look different but still feels comfortable.



“I still kept the Asian loose fit aesthetic and for accessories, I’ve used oversized colourful scarfs and for shoes. I’ve used Egyptian leather socks. ”

“The story is about a creative young man who’s misunderstood by his family and community, he decides to travel the world to find himself and discover his true calling,” describes Sibata.

N.O.T.E concepts are shaped by everyday modern culture as taking inspiration from historical events. Detailing and bold styling on Menswear has always been one of the things that sets N.O.T.E apart, making N.O.T.E the go-to brand for the guy that dares to be bold and different.

For this LookBook, both Elias Sibata and Kgomotso Neto got to shine, showcasing their best in fashion meets photography and that can be seen by different locations and aesthetics used to compile the final look.

Neto’s work is focused on documenting everyday life, different communities, the people in township areas and general street photography.

Talking about his approach for this shoot; “I love the streets and that’s where I’m always shooting, it just made sense to make it a street shoot in the hood rather than in a confined space. The backdrop of the hood is always interesting depending on how it’s used, I tend to flourish more in a space I’m comfortable in, and the hood allows for that. ”

Here is the full look at N.o.t.e Collection Lookbook:


Designer: Elias Sibata (N.O.T.E Clothing)
Photographer: Kgomotso Neto
Models: Uncultured Radio Show host (Thulane Twiice Radebe & Mzwakhe Ngubane)











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