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Bolt’s (Taxify) food delivery service launches internationally


Bolt’s (Taxify) food delivery service launches internationally

And soon coming to South Africa.

Bolt (former Taxify) is taking on Uber with its new food delivery service ‘Bolt Food’ which has launched in Tallinn, Estonia.
The service will soon expand to Latvia, Lithuania and South Africa before launching in other Europe and Africa markets by 2020.

Bolt Food is a direct take-on to UberEats which has been in the market for years now. Markus Villig, CEO and co-founder, Bolt, emphasises that the company has been built around offering the best prices for passengers, and the lowest commissions for drivers. “This has led us to grow faster and more cost-efficiently than any other ride-hailing platform in the world,” he says.



“Now we want to bring this approach to food delivery. Combined with our technology, efficient operations and thousands of drivers in South Africa, we plan to build the best food delivery service for the people who already use our services daily.”

Bolt Food will come as a separate app to download and use.


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