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Sole Knowledge “Bernie Wicomb” breaks down the history of Air Jordan 13


Sole Knowledge “Bernie Wicomb” breaks down the history of Air Jordan 13


During our visit in Cape Town few weeks back, we stopped by at one of our favourite retailers Lemkus (Jack Lemkus) to check out their store and meet the team.

So what’s special about that?…you may ask! The same afternoon while we were at the store, it happened that the mastermind behind Sole Knowledge showed up at the store… yes we’re talking about Bernard “Bernie” Wicomb.



Bernie hosts an insightful Sneaker Show named “Sole Knowledge” on Youtube and he simply calls himself the Sneaker Evangelist because of his masterly knowledge and incredible expertise when it comes to sneakers – and that comes way back from early days as a collector and having worked for giant retails like adidas, Nike and Sports Retail.

Greatest moment! He was there to shoot one of his episodes tied around the iconic Air Jordan 13, and it was a beautiful moment because we got to experience what goes behind the scenes and just generally seeing him in front of the camera dropping the knowledge ‘unscripted’.

So spare a few minutes and check out this episode below, as Bernie breaks down the Air Jordan 13 and check out his social channels: Instagram / YouTube


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