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Samsung launches the Galaxy S20, S20+ and the powerful S20 Ultra


Samsung launches the Galaxy S20, S20+ and the powerful S20 Ultra

Coming in March.

Samsung has launched three new models of the Galaxy S20; Galaxy S20, 20+, and the S20 Ultra which all feature 5G support.

S20 and S20+ come with a 64MP camera. S20 Ultra has 108MP camera. Another benefit is that the larger sensors take in more light, so you get rich image quality even in low light situations. The S20 Ultra takes things a step further with the option to shift dynamically between a high resolution 108MP mode and a 12MP mode.



On the Galaxy S20 and S20+ you get up to 30X zoom, and the S20 Ultra uses AI powered, multi-image processing to reduce quality loss at high zoom levels so that users can experience Super Resolution Zoom up to 100X with a clearer view ever than before.

The Galaxy S20 offers stunning 8K video shooting across all models at 24fps. And users can take advantage of the Super Steady and its anti-rolling stabilisation and AI motion analysis to make their videos look stable enough.

The three models will be available from 06 March 2020 priced from $999.99 to $1,599.99 (intenrationally) and will arrive in various colours:

Galaxy S20: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink
Galaxy S20+: Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black
Galaxy S20 Ultra: Cosmic Grey, Cosmic Black

Here’s a video by MKBHD to take you through the Galaxy S20 Ultra:


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