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WATCH: Lucasraps debuts ‘Without Me’ music video


WATCH: Lucasraps debuts ‘Without Me’ music video

Shot by Nate Thomas.

Off the back of being on the top of the South African radio charts, Lucasraps kicks off the year with a new single ‘Without Me’.

Produced by Gemini Major, the song releases along with visuals put together by Nate Thomas.



This song is such a great combination of chill and fire! Lucasraps laces the killer beat with his unique flows, making this song a pure hit. The Without Me music video sees Lucasraps ride around on his bicycle, telling us how the game wouldn’t be the same without him. He lets us into his world and gives us a glimpse into the great future ahead as he raps about the cars that he wants to be driving when he makes those racks.

Check out the music video below:


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