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1 person dead in South Africa due to coronavirus (COVID-19)


1 person dead in South Africa due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

The first case of death.

UPDATE (27/03/20): On Friday afternoon, the department confirmed 1170 positive cases of COVID19 in South Africa. One death is confirmed (not 2 as previously reported), the other death is a suspected case of coronavirus.



On Friday morning, 27 March 2020, South Africa reported the first 2 cases of death resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

These two deaths occurred in the Western Cape, one at a private hospital and another at a public hospital.


In a statement, the Department of Health said more details will be revealed.

We will give more details later on when we announce the latest confirmed COVID-19 cases,
which have increased from yesterday’s number and have tipped the 1000 mark. said Minister of Health, Dr. Zwelini Mkhize.

Yesterday, the confirmed number of cases was standing at 972, with Gauteng being the epicentre.


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