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NetFlorist now delivers Fruit & Vegetables during lockdown – with groceries coming soon


NetFlorist now delivers Fruit & Vegetables during lockdown – with groceries coming soon

NetFlorist’s new food delivery service.

With the movement of going out for grocery shopping anytime being reduced amid coronavirus lockdown, delivery services are taking advantage to make sure consumers are able to receive groceries and other essentials at their doorstep.

The giant e-commerce floral and gifting company, NetFlorist has ventured into the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables around Johannesburg North and Pretoria as people remain home during the COVID-19 disaster.



In partnership with Fruitspot (B2B Fruit and Veg wholesaler and distributor), NetFlorist is offering the next day delivery on this service. Furthermore, the company will be expanding to grocery shopping and delivery.

The delivery costs R89.95.

“When we’re delivering produce to the recipient, we ensure that our fruits and veggies arrive as fresh and as delicious as the day they were picked. To accomplish this, low-tech, inexpensive preservation methods are ideal,” the company said.

“With the help of our trusted supplier, Fruitspot, we ensure that we set regulated temperatures for all our produce for the purposes of maintaining the highest standard of quality. Different types of produce demand different types of methods, but one rule has always remained the same: we cool the produce off, and we keep it cool!”

The company also stated its precaution steps to ensure that they keep them super safe during the coronavirus outbreak:

  • All our staff are sanitising upon entry, exit and at hourly intervals.
  • Our drivers are sanitising before touching your gift, as well as offering sanitiser to your loved one after they’ve received the gift.
  • To minimise contact, our drivers will ask your recipients if they can leave their gift at the door, reception or table.
  • Our delivery vehicles and all other ‘high touch’ point surfaces are being sanitised regularly.
  • Your recipient will not have to sign for their delivery, our driver will do this on their behalf.


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