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Showmax premieres its first original horror movie ‘Rage’

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Showmax premieres its first original horror movie ‘Rage’

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Showmax has premiered its first original horror movie, Rage.

Rage is directed by Jaco Bouwer, a multi-award-winning theatre director who’s one of three Best Director nominees in the drama series category at the 2020 SAFTAs, for Dwaalster.

In the movie, Nicole Fortuin stars as Tamsyn, with Jane de Wet and Tristan de Beer as Roxy and Kyle; Carel Nel as Albert; Sihle Mnqwazana as Neo; Shalima Mkongi as Sihle; and David Viviers as Leon.



The story follows a group of school-leavers descend on a tiny coastal town for a celebration of their freedom. Roxy, Sihle, Kyle, Leon, Tamsyn and Neo party on the beach and drink themselves silly every night.

The townsfolk, Hermien and her son Albert, are welcoming – too welcoming. During a psychedelic trip on the beach, the friends witness a disturbing birth ritual, which could be a hallucination, or not. Soon fertility figurines start to appear at random places, and what is supposed to be the best holiday of their lives turns to horror as the teenagers are picked off one by one.

Rage is currently streaming on Showmax.

Watch the trailer below to get started:


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