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Uber Eats delivering essentials during coronavirus lockdown


Uber Eats delivering essentials during coronavirus lockdown

You can order essential items via Uber Eats app.

Food delivery service Uber Eats announced that users can now order essential goods via the app for delivery during the coronavirus lockdown.



Uber Eats has partnered with a few eateries and stores to make this service thrive. The delivery service is available between 9am and 5pm.

Depending on your location, you will have limited eateries and stores available that you can shop from. Options vary from pharmacies, grocery stores, butchery and convenience stores.

Orders will be delivered to the customer’s doors with no direct contact between the courier and the customer. Uber Eats will not be accepting cash orders during the lockdown.

In other related news: NetFlorist now delivers Fruit & Vegetables during lockdown. 

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