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How to find local Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries on Netflix


How to find local Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries on Netflix

TV series, Movies and Documentaries.

For fans who enjoy watching and streaming local content, Netflix has made it easier to find such content on its platform.

The streaming giant has introduced a Made in Africa collection – a curated list of African series, films and documentaries. It includes over 100 titles – including older licensed films and shows as well as Netflix Originals like Queen Sono, which debuted on Netflix in February, and Blood & Water, which will premiere this month.



Movies and TV shows included are;  Jerusalema, King of Boys, LionheartTsotsi, Tjovitjo, The Red Sea, Blood Diamond  and documentaries, including Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Ivory Game and the Oscar-nominated Virunga.


Fans and viewers can browse the content via (or can be found on Netflix by searching ‘Made in Africa’) and will make it easier for members who love African stories to find something great to watch.


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