Just in time when more people are home and have to keep the creative juices flowing, J’Something collaborated with Converse on a cool music project.

Converse #CreateAtHome

The #CreateAtHome campaign created a platform to give a spotlight to both underground and established enthusiasts who dabble in various genres and who have the skills and ambition to take it to the next level- and collaborate with J’Something on a formal track.

The campaign introduces a new way the brand is working with its communities across the globe, challenging people to share their creative work. Converse will select content to fuel its social channels and more importantly, work with creators to commission work with the brand on formal projects.


Converse and J’Something hosted a collaborative project inviting all aspiring and existing musicians, producers, singers, songwriters and instrumentalists alike to enter.

Two respective artists; S’phiwe Moya and Jon Fraser were selected from a pool of over 1000 entries.


How has the experience of being able to create from home being during this period of lockdown?

It’s always out of desperation that we find our inner genius and I think in a time like this the creative juices maybe a little harder to find but so is the sweetest berry. There is a secret in digging deep in times like these, so I’ve personally been enjoying expressing and creating music in these times because it’s super rich in meaning. So I’m creating some top-notch content lately.



The Converse #CreateAtHome campaign, how important is this for you as an artist and giving other upcoming artists the spotlight and ability to create?

It’s more about being part of a bigger movement. My thought was that after speaking to many a creatives in the beginning of lockdown, many were lacking inspiration to create, this made me think about allowing the opportunity to any artist to work with me on a song which could spur on creativity. It all came alive when I saw what Converse was doing from a global campaign point of view. They were running a #CreateAtHome campaign encouraging creatives to BE CREATIVE! I thought it was genius. Converse and I saw an opportunity to collaborate and to create an extension of their campaign that focused on getting musicians to express themselves and not stop being creative. What I saw online was an explosion of creativity that lead to many relationships being formed amongst musicians and also a host of artists getting new fans via the stream of content that was being shared.





The Converse #CreateAtHome campaign, how important is this for you as an artist and giving other upcoming artists the spotlight and ability to create?

This platform has been important to me in terms of affirming me that consistency and passion does in fact pay off. It’s not enough to have a talent and not do anything with that. Being part of the campaign and being one of the selected artists to collaborate – it’s validating to me to say that my hard work, consistency, and passion is paying off because I never rest. I’ve worked so hard during this lockdown period and it’s the one thing that has come to let me know

“you’re doing well and you’re going to be okay after lockdown”

If anything, the whole experience is encouraging and makes me look forward to positive days after we get out into the world again- hopefully very soon.


What would you like fans and music lovers to take away from this campaign and the actual song Wish You Were Here?

The one thing that I would like fans and fellow musicians to take away from this is that hard work pays off. The more you work, the more confident you become and eventually, the results show. You must nurture, groom and grow it –This campaign was the primary example of that for me. It’s important to remain consistent and the results will eventually speak for themselves.

The song is just a little reminder that when we do go back into the real world, you will hug your friends a littler tighter, tell your lover that you love them- and basically let them know that our loved ones are in fact, loved. We took those moments for granted before lockdown and we now realise that those things are important. The song reminds us to never take those moments for granted.




How has the experience been from the day you were selected and the process of being able to create music with J’Something and S’phiwe during this period of lockdown?

It was an experience I’ll never forget, I started losing motivation with my music, so collaborating with J’Something and S’phiwe made me realise that I shouldn’t give up and should indeed continue. It showed me that this is the start of new beginnings and made me realise that music has always been something I’ve wanted to do and should continue pursuing it.


The Converse #CreateAtHome campaign, how important is this for you as an artist to have such a platform to showcase your talent?

I think it’s super important since nowadays because social media is a platform where artists get to express themselves more and show their raw talents. Converse has a huge following and having them share both S’phiwe and I to their socials is almost unreal to me. I’m so grateful for the #CreateAtHome campaign and it providing greater opportunities.



The song is titled ‘Wish You Were Here’ and the inspiration behind it relied on the selected artists as well as the current lockdown situation. The production process has been incredibly fulfilling for all three artists including J’Something co-producing and Jay Em editing each artist’s part that was sent via voice note, a process that is deemed unconventional with a stellar end result.




Converse #CreateAtHome

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