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You can now return a 2-litre plastic Coca-Cola bottle and get R9 back


You can now return a 2-litre plastic Coca-Cola bottle and get R9 back

Coca-Cola’s 2-litre returnable bottles.

Coca-Cola recently announced that it now has a new 2-litre plastic bottle that is returnable for R9 per bottle.



These new returnable bottles are made of PET plastic (labelled with a new paper label and ‘RETURNABLE’ appearing in green on the front of the bottle), they can be reused up to 14 times. Thereafter they can be recycled and made into new bottles.

The recommended retail price for the 2L Coca-Cola Original Taste – Less Sugar beverage is R15, which excludes a R9 deposit. Other brands, like Coca-Cola No Sugar, Sprite, and Fanta, are also available in the new 2L returnable PET plastic bottle at a recommended retail price of R12 excluding the R9 deposit.

“The launch of these returnable PET bottles is one way in which we are investing in innovative and more sustainable packaging,” says Ratshefola. “The new returnable 2L PET plastic bottle also supports The Coca-Cola Company’s global commitments to address the world’s waste problem,” says Velaphi Ratshefola, Managing Director of CCBSA.

The rollout of the new packaging is being piloted in the Mandela Bay and Border-Kei districts in the Eastern Cape and is expected to be extended to the rest of the country if the current pilot is successful.


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