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Uber rolls out PIN verification feature in South Africa


Uber rolls out PIN verification feature in South Africa

With an option to disable it.

Uber is working its way up to improve safety measures for riders.

The ride-hailing company has rolled out a PIN verification feature in South Africa, to make sure that riders get in the right car with the right driver when they request a trip.

This might not be new to many, the feature was launched earlier this year but to a limited group of users.

Uber riders get confused a lot especially when they’re requesting in busy spots, either by not checking car registration details, or making sure the driver is the right one. In many cases, criminals have been targeting these busy spots to take advantage of that.



Now with this new feature, the app will require drivers to get a PIN verification from riders before starting a trip.

How it works:

A rider will receive a unique 4-digit PIN whenever they request a trip. Before entering a driver’s vehicle, a rider will share the PIN with the driver to match it, then the driver will be able to start the trip – after they enter your PIN into their app.

Riders do have an option to enable or disable this feature which is available on the update of the app.

How it works video:


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