SA’s #1 chewing gum brand, Stimorol has launched its limited-edition Stimorol Retro gum. It’s a refreshing bubblegum flavour that treats your taste buds to a throwback.

Stimorol Retro goes beyond just a flavour, it’s all about the nostalgia of the ’80s, '90s and '00s. And if you weren’t there for all that, don’t worry, you'll feel like you were.

The packaging design of the New Retro flavour shows off with yummy popping colours and elements such as sunglasses, sneakers, cassettes and cameras, all the cool things that may be in our collectables and remind you of the old school days. This draws inspiration from Fashion, Music, Gaming, Movies, and Tech. The New Retro flavour is available in two different packs, making it easier to pack on the go. It is the 14g pack which comes with 10 pieces and the container which carries 60 pieces


To show more cool, Stimorol has collaborated with dope young creators and artists to share what the Retro Flavour tastes like and the memories it brings. 

The creators include; Young Stilo (photographer, creator), Rowlene (Singer), Macc Gee (Fashion Designer) , Dopest Chiqq  (Actress, Singer), Kamo Mphela (Dancer, Artist), and Twinfluencers, Creators; Lauren & Lara



We will be giving away pairs of the Stimirol Custom Sneaker to our readers. Be sure to stay tuned and make sure to check Stimorol on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates.



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