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MEET THE DESIGNER: Evolving Revolver for Miller Design Lab


MEET THE DESIGNER: Evolving Revolver for Miller Design Lab

Miller Genuine Draft is excited to once again be bringing the design heat with the Miller Design Lab, a creative collaboration between streetwear fashion guru Jeff Staple and top local talent.

In this edition, we chop it down with Zoliswa Mbadu aka Zol Freckles, a stylish influencer and model as well as the mastermind behind the fashion label, “Evolving Revolver”.

Mbadu brings her classically modern designs to life through the way she wears them. Her collection features simple cuts, striking prints and interesting textures for both men and women to play and party in.

Please name all the designers involved in your process.
It was just me.


Describe the collaboration process between yourself & Miller
I thoroughly enjoyed the process. It began with all the designers submitting their sketches and ideation processes. Then we had an online meeting with the international team to review our initial designs. The team gave us feedback immediately and thereafter we tweaked our designs and refined them. Once the designs were finalised, we moved onto the sampling stage and finally, production.


“This collection is inspired by asymmetrical panels and androgyny, it’s entirely unisex.”


What excited you most about this brief?
I loved that the brief gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do.



Tell us how you approached the customization component of this brief?
I created detachable patches that one can remove and add as they like.

Tell us more about the final output, what sort of wearer did you have in mind when creating it?
Someone who is bold and likes to stand out. A non-conformist.



How has the local nightlife scene influenced and inspired this brief?
Johannesburg nightlife is vibrant and full of life and it was important that these elements came across in the brief and in the final collections.

Briefly describe your final design…
This is a street style collection inspired by asymmetrical panels and androgyny and is entirely unisex.



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