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Netflix launches cheaper R39 a month ‘mobile’ plan


Netflix launches cheaper R39 a month ‘mobile’ plan

For those always on the go.

The streaming giant, Netflix has introduced its cheaper subscription plans titled Mobile and Mobile+, priced at R39 and R59 per month respectively.



Can you access the Netflix mobile plans on TV? No!  These two new plans strictly support smartphones and tablets and allow users to stream at a resolution of up to 480p. However, with the Mobile+ you can watch on your laptop still at the 480p resolution.

The new Mobile plans are currently being tested in South Africa and can be chosen only when you sign up for Netflix from a mobile phone. During the process, you’ll see the plan selector, like in the screenshot below:

R39 Plan – (access the link using a smartphone)

R59 Plan – (access the link using a smartphone or laptop or tablet)


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