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MEET THE DESIGNER: PEA for Miller Design Lab


MEET THE DESIGNER: PEA for Miller Design Lab

Miller Genuine Draft is excited to once again be bringing the design heat with the Miller Design Lab, a creative collaboration between streetwear fashion guru Jeff Staple and top local talent.

In this edition, we chop it down with Pea, who uses metal as a canvas, the range oozes with skill, art and dopeness.

Inspired by streetwear and the people who love it, Pea is more than a jewelry label, it’s a form of creative expression.


Please name all the designers involved in your process…
Just me.


Describe the collaboration process between yourself & Miller…
It was such a relaxed, lovely project. I felt that I had total freedom and wasn’t restricted. Of course the design guidelines did pose a big challenge, for which I had to change my design many times.


“I design for the young pioneers who work and play in this city.”


What excited you most about this brief?
I’ve always been obsessed with the number 100 and creating 100 units of a design. This project gave me the chance to do this which was really exciting for me.


Tell us how you approached the customisation component of this project?
This brief speaks to the same people I always design for: those involved in the local nightlife scene. So in a way, I approached it the same way I approach every project: how do I capture these people? How do I customise for their needs?


What sort of wearer did you have in mind when creating it?
Someone who enjoys the night, someone edgy and young at heart.



How has the local nightlife scene influenced and inspired this brief?
I’ve always been in love with Joburg and wanted to take it on. This brief allowed me to explore this and design for the young pioneers who work and play in this city and push boundaries with their unique energy.


Briefly describe your final design
A gold, irregular shape featuring a geometric cutout in the centre.



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