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Zwai Bala says you must define what you want to achieve!


Zwai Bala says you must define what you want to achieve!

Musician and producer Zwai Bala of Tkzee fame provided insightful feedback into what he feels many young musicians so often need to know,  rather than just the nice things they want to hear. Everyone can sing, but what is it that you need to do that is going to make you heard?

Hosting one of the AMPD Studios (by Old Mutual) Masterclasses; Zwai Bala shares how the key component of being successful is that it’s really all  about the business of music!  He emphasised the point that everyone can sing, but what is critical is what knowing what  is going to make your voice, your music, your personality stand out and be “ product” that people want to consume.

Like in any business, one must always have a plan and a clear vision as to where you want to go and how you want to get there. Even for musicians, their music and their talent is their product and providing a product that people want is key success. However before you get there Zwai Bala clearly stated how it all boils down to knowing what you want to achieve first and foremost. That is the first step you need to take before you can build your business

He suggested aspiring musicians ask the following important questions of themselves before approaching people to listen to their music.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where do you want to go or be in the music industry?
  • What makes you unique and can make you stand out?
  • What is it that makes you believe that you are going to be a star?
  • Do you want to be outstanding or you just want to hear your voice from a CD?

He advised that only when you have established those important starting points can you look to build your business in the music business.

At AMPS studios in Newtown, these Masterclasses aim to inspire and empower and educate. A platform to learn from the greats.


To see this particular Zwail Bala masterclass click here

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