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Q&A with Rowlene on collaboration with Stimorol for the new Retro flavour


Q&A with Rowlene on collaboration with Stimorol for the new Retro flavour

SA’s #1 chewing gum brand, Stimorol has launched its limited-edition Stimorol Retro gum.
Stimorol Retro goes beyond just a flavour, it’s all about the nostalgia of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s.

To turn up the heat, Stimorol has collaborated with dope young creators and artists to share what the Retro Flavour tastes like and the memories it brings.

The creators include; Young Stilo (photographer, creator), Rowlene (Singer), Macc Gee (Fashion Designer) , Dopest Chiqq (Actress, Singer), Kamo Mphela (Dancer, Artist), and Twinfluencers, Creators; Lauren & Lara.


We caught up with Rowlene to for a quick chat about the Retro flavour:

What is Rowlene up to lately? And can fans expect new music this Spring/summer season?
Rowlene: I’m in preparation to drop my debut album 11:11. Fans can definitely expect a whole bunch of new music this summer.


Describe the collaboration process between yourself & Stimorol
Rowlene: The process was very organic. They hit me up and I was keen the second they told me about the campaign.


What excited you most about this collaboration?
Rowlene: Having to extenuate my style was definitely the most exciting.


Share your outstanding old memories that come to mind when the word RETRO pops up?
Rowlene: Backstreet Boys video cassettes.


What sort items/collectables from your childhood /early days you still own even now?
Rowlene: My teddy bears. They’re all still displayed in my bedroom back home


How would you describe the taste of the Stimorol RETRO flavour?
Rowlene: It tastes like my childhood! Like summer and fun with my cousins


Go try out the new Retro flavour available in two different packs at local retailers and follow Stimorol on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates.


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