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Instagram is letting users switch back to classic icons


Instagram is letting users switch back to classic icons

In celebration of its 10th birthday.

As Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday, the photo-sharing app is letting users change the app icon.

Both iOS and Android users will be able to change the home icon to any of the previous classic icons by updating to the latest version and switching in the settings.



The celebration also comes with the launch of new features, Stories Map to show a history of stories posts you have shared over the years. They also announced major changes coming to Reels, shopping, and messaging.

“We’ll look to accelerate ways for creators to make a living and for small businesses to sell their products. Through all these changes, our community will remain the heart of Instagram, and we’ll stay focused on keeping people safe and building new features that fight bullying, improve equity, address fairness, and help people feel supported.”



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