PUMA has made a bold and colourful addition to its iconic RS sneaker franchise by launching the RS-Fast, which takes cues from the early 2000s and blends in futuristic aesthetics.

Featuring: soniatona_

Make-up: k.hotii_

Photography: ThaboThabiso

Assistant: grape.the.creator

Sonia Tona is a Joburg-based designer x style enthusiast, a true trailblazer in the world of modest fashion, and leading a next-generation of style-conscious.

We linked up with Sonia, to style the PUMA RS-Fast her own way and to chat about her creative work, styling ideas and balancing work x life in a fast paced city.

The RS-Fast is created for the next generation of sneaker lovers, those who are not afraid of ideas with bold styles and colorful clothes.

Can you tell our readers about yourself and what you do?
I'm Sonia Tona, a designer and content creator.

Tell us about the designer work that you do...
I have an almost childlike, fun, and super imaginative way of designing clothes as I use old clothes and other resources and materials to create creative stunning, and recontextualized pieces. Having a creative eye I always find myself directing anything that needs a creative push, so I find myself managing shoots, posts, styling, directing...

What influences your designs and creative process?
My environment. Sometimes it would be the smallest things that inspire me, such as, the patterns and textures on a basic insect body or objects at a thrift store.

How do you approach / come up with your styling ideas?... Putting pieces together, the colour combos etc.
Funny enough I don't plan my outfits, majority of what I sewed are based on intuition and that gut feeling. Colour combos, I would use three colours to help organize myself. Some instance I would plan, however, my creative intuition would always come last-minute and switch things up. Guess I'm still trying to understand that part of myself. What does help is understanding my body shape which makes styling so much easier.

Residing in Joburg, how do you balance work x life in a fast-paced city?
My career very much gels with how the city works, as well as the person I am. I love learning and doing new things all the time to a point where sometimes get overwhelmed. Balance is everything. The more managed I am the more I can take on.

What excites you about the current state of fashion?
There is so much room for growth and creativity. Fashion today is mainly based on recreating old styles and looks and that gap of trying new designs excites me. SA at times is a bit delayed with trends so there is room for improvement

Tell us about your love for sneakers? And how it ties to your design style?
Others piece things together and make sure the shoes are the big show stopper. For me, it is the other way around. I try to let the shoes compliment the outfit since my pants or anything above my waist is so eye-catching. Everything must feel like a conceptualized piece

What words of advice do you have for this next generation of young creatives?
Stop expecting things and feeling so entitled as if the world owes you something especially if things come easy at first. And don't 'fake it till you make it.' As a creative your work is only as pure and authentic as you choose to be, uncomfortable situations always rise & by staying true to you you'll always know what is best. Pharrell says," stay loyal to your creativity because it's a gift."

Do you have a favourite project you’ve worked on to-date?
There is no favorite project. Each had a different experience. I loved learning from my mistakes and the joy each one gave.

Can you describe your aesthetic for us in three words?
Bold, fun, androgynous

What’s been the most challenging aspect of 2020 for you so far?
I started as a model and finally transitioned to being a content creator. The hardest part was and still is just communicating socially that I have more to offer than just modeling and trying to perfect Sonia Tona as a brand.

Finally, what are you looking forward to in 2021?
You will have to wait and see. My life is like a show so keep keeping up with SONIA TONA

The PUMA RS-Fast design features bold branding and highly visible graphics. PUMA moved a minimized formstrip to the midsole, while the company’s leaping cat logo was added to the side. This drop features athletic colourways and mesh and textile uppers with suede and synthetic overlays, updated midsole pods, and a new TPU heel.

Catered for both Men and Women, the PUMA RS-Fast (R1 999) is now available at PUMA.com, PUMA stores, The Cross Trainer, Side Step, Shesha, Archive online, and select retailers.

PUMA RS-FAST (Black-Elek.Green-H.R.Red)


PUMA FAST RIDER (Black-White-Elektro Peach)


PUMA RS-FAST (Puma Black-White-Red Blast)




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