PUMA is adding the Mirage Mox to its newest product franchise: Mirage, a growing selection of Futro styles, and a mashup of retro sneakers with futuristic inspiration.

Mirage Mox takes design cues from the ’90s running shoes and transforms them for today’s sneakerheads.

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To put some twist to the PUMA Mirage Mox we linked up with DJ Homecoming, to style the silhouette and to chat about her DJing career, and her take on the Mirage Mox.

With a revamped design that brings new perspective to street style, the Mirage Mox is inspired by the world of electronic music and DJs.

DJ Homecoming is well known for her unique look and groovy Deep House sets. Her love for music traces back to the early days and growing up in a household that fully enjoys music. She picks DJ Fresh, DJ Christos, and Fistaz Mixwell – who all paved way for the House Music genre as her influences. Putting PUMA’s Mirage Mox in the mix, we caught up with DJ Homecoming to style the sneaker and talk about her deejaying career.

Introduce yourself...
I go by the name DJ Homecoming, birth name Ethel Malebye, and I’m a mix DJ, I run an interior design business, I’m also a traffic coordinator at YFM

When did your love for music and deejaying begin?
My love for music started when I was very young coz I grew up in a household where there was a lot of music. So there was always music playing and sessions happening, my uncle would invite his friends and they would have Jazz sessions. That’s how my sound got inspired coz I play Deep House music. So listening to a lot of Jazz built me into loving house music

Who are some of the artists/DJs that influenced you?
I grew up listening to a lot of DJ Fresh, DJ Christos, Fistaz Mixwell, so they really inspired me growing up till this day I play a lot of their music.

What type of music do you play on your sets?
I play deep house music, but at the same time I don’t want to box myself, so I also play Afro Tech, Afro Jazz, a bit of Commercial, but my sound is specifically Deep House.

Is there a formula you use to prepare for your sets?
I collect music, I download my music, I get my music from other DJs and producers. So I just make time when I’m home to go through all the music I have. So I also know the BPM of the songs, I put them on Virtual DJ or Record Box, and then I’ll arrange them in a folder, so I know which songs I’m playing at a gig.

How is fashion important to you as a DJ?
As a DJ, and generally as people, you should have some sense of fashion, it doesn’t matter which field of career you’re in. Like I’m an interior design so I’m very drawn and inspired by design, material, and texture, so my inspiration from interior design also influences how I dress up and mix up my pieces.

How would you describe the PUMA Mirage Mox with your style?
The sneaker is very clean and looks very comfortable. The overall look has that old-school vibes mixed with the modern style, especially with the colours and design, and with those two combined it gives it a unique style. With my fashion, I can easily put together an outfit and rock with them when going to a gig.


The Mirage has been in the PUMA family for close to half a century, first introduced as a lightweight track and field shoe and then reissued as a jogging shoe in the 1990s with a die-cut eva midsole.

With a revamped design that brings new perspective to street style, the Mirage Mox is inspired by the world of electronic music and DJs with trippy, bright accents of colour, eye-catching layers of materials, a unique TPU piece in the heel and futuristic elements. The iconic overlay on the forefoot is a direct link back to the Mirage OG and pays homage to the shoe’s history.

The PUMA Mirage Mox is now available through PUMA.com, PUMA Select stores, and select retailers – for the retail price of R2 299.

PUMA Mirage Mox (Steel Gray)


PUMA Mirage Mox (Eggnog)




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