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SMARTIES now comes in recyclable paper packaging


SMARTIES now comes in recyclable paper packaging

Now available in South Africa

Nestlé SMARTIES has globally announced its switch to recyclable paper packaging.

The brand has indicated that the offering is now available in South Africa, making the Nestlé SMARTIES brand the first-ever global confectionery brand to shift to 100% recyclable paper packaging.



“Nestlé SMARTIES’s move to 100% recyclable paper is a great advertisement of our dedication to transforming our packaging to be more environmentally friendly,” says Saint-Francis Tohlang, corporate communications and public affairs director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region.

“It encapsulates all that the initiative represents: rethinking our entire value chain, reducing our impact on the environment and providing tangible proof points of our sustainability efforts through our loved brands,” adds Tohlang.

The brand has indicated that it will further the conversation online with various outputs to drive the ‘#SmartiesCreateWithPurpose’ narrative and get South Africans to buy in to the idea of getting creative with recycling while being environmentally aware.


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