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New telenovela ‘DiepCity’ arrives tonight

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New telenovela ‘DiepCity’ arrives tonight

Starring Dawn Thandeka King, Nozuko Ncayiyane and Mduduzi Mabaso.

Dawn Thandeka King, Nozuko Ncayiyane and Mduduzi Mabaso will take lead in the new telenovela “DiepCity” premiering tonight.

Produced by Mandla N of Black Brain Productions, DiepCity is a fresh new telenovela that explores the struggle of four young women trying to make their way in the world. The show focuses on disillusioned – young women who were forced into crime while in high school, just to make ends meet.



The world comes crumbling down for small-time house burglar Nox played by Nozuko Ncayiyane after her bright straight A student younger brother Sibusiso played by Tshiamo Molobi is fatally shot during a house robbery he was not supposed to be part of in the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg, which was set up by a rogue security guard and low-level gangster Elliot played by Mduduzi Mabaso.

After doing time behind bars following her arrest, Nox returns to find her family, who still leaves in a shack after her alcoholic father Bonga [Hamilton Dlamini] lost his job, while her mother Thandiwe, played by Dawn Thandeka King who has not forgiven her for Sibusiso’s death, continues to work as a domestic worker.

DiepCity will arrive on Mzansi Magic on April 5 at 20:30pm weekdays.


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