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Spur has a drive-thru restaurant

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Spur has a drive-thru restaurant

Giving customers the choice of takeaway or sit-down.

Even with several humps during the Covid-19 pandemic, Spur Steak Ranches has opened its first Spur Drive Thru restaurant in a bid to diversify its offering and appeal to customers looking for safe and more convenient ways to grab their favourite meals.



The new Spur drive-thru is Located in Heinrich Ave, Karenpark, Pretoria, alongside a traditional Spur restaurant giving customers the choice of takeaway or sit-down.

Spur Corporation, the franchise restaurant brand’s parent company, announced in March this year that it would be expanding its takeaway format after seeing strong growth in this category during the past year. These expansion plans included a drive-thru format for its RocoMamas chain, a drive-thru-clip-on for the Spur franchise and a drive-thru, click-and-collect option for the Bento franchise.

Val Nichas, Spur Corporation CEO commented on the Spur Drive Thru launch, “We are extremely excited to be launching the Spur brand into the drive-thru category, we are most grateful for the tremendous efforts of our internal teams and for the trust and partnership of our franchisee partner, Charles Fourie and his broader team.

“Spur Steak Ranches is on a journey of transformation as a brand and business. The introduction of the Drive Thru is one of the progressive steps we are taking towards a more sustainable brand and business.”

The drive-thru offers meals that customers will find at traditional Spur restaurants, with the addition of a few new menu items like “tripchips, breakfasts in-hand, and delicious roadhouse-style desserts on the go”, according to Spur.


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