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These are the 10 Best Sneaker Reseller Sites in South Africa


These are the 10 Best Sneaker Reseller Sites in South Africa

Sneaker Resellers in South Africa.

NB* all the reseller sites we have mentioned below are 100% trusted and recommended by us. 

The sneaker resell market has been booming globally despite the occurring ups and downs and even the current pandemic.

The global sneaker resale market is currently valued at $6 billion according to data provided by StockX (an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers & streetwear).



So what keeps the resell market alive? / drives the hype?

Well, it all comes down to keeping the supply below the demand. Time and time again Sportswear giants like adidas and Nike release exclusive and limited sneakers with collaborators like Kanye West and  Virgil Abloh  – and not forgetting the very much ‘hyped’ retro models existing on their archives. With thousands and thousands of consumers across the world who all want to get their hands on those pairs, brands will often opt to release limited quantities creating a buzz and a crazy hype that will only drive higher prices for the secondary market.

In South Africa, the sneaker resell market has been on the rise due to more consumers wanting to buy sneakers that they cannot purchase at retailers due to low quantities supplied by the brands.

The structure of the resell market goes back to Sneaker Exchange days where buyers and resellers initiated relationships with consumers.

Fast forward to today, the secondary sneaker market has evolved into one with professionalized online marketplaces and has given birth to platforms like Sneaker Spaza, Court Order, Lafamilaia, Cape Kickz, and the non-existing/forgotten Soledout. These are some of the well-known platforms in the local sneaker reselling market, catering to different audiences, with competitive secondary prices.


  • there is someone who wants to buy/sell sneakers.
  • is a form of a business.
  • they’re bringing those rare products that don’t arrive at local retailers.
  • they assist in making the transaction between buyer & seller easier, knowing that there’s a middle man to make everything go smoothly.
  • they are go-to platforms besides other norm listing sites where you have to deal with some sort of uncertainty plus a total stranger.
  • the current pandemic has also played a role in giving more advantages to the resell market

On the other hand, the counterfeit market is another part that cannot be ignored when we talk about the resell market. This market alone has been problematic in South Africa where we see scammers taking advantage of consumers who have no clue about sneakers. But it cannot be ignored that this market also exists because there is some sort of demand. The counterfeit market is also a harm to the usual retailers because it drives most consumers out of their stores and it is at a cheaper price tag.

At the end of it all, it all comes down to the existence and comfort of online shopping – consumers are looking to buy products without worrying that they will be caught up in a scam trap.

So to make you feel at ease, we have rounded up a list of the Best Sneaker Reseller Sites that you should definitely check out next time when you feel like doing a Sneaker shopping spree. See the list below:


Sneaker Spaza

Instagram: sneakerspaza

Since the launch in 2016, Sneaker Spaza is one of the leading sneaker marketplaces – a sneaker exchange platform that connects consumers and sellers anonymously. This online-only-based marketplace allows users to buy, sell and trade brand new, even used/worn sneakers. Sneaker Spaza sets itself apart from the rest with reasonable prices and the lowest consignment fee. You can browse the marketplace online, for some of the sneakers that you might have missed out on recently.


Court Order

Started straight from Cape Town, Court Order is a consignment shop, also an online marketplace offering a variety of sneakers, accessories, and streetwear.  The consignment-based store is owned by Ahmed Seedat and boasts two physical locations – one in Joburg and another in Cape Town. Its site features a ton of Nike, adidas, and Jordan brand, along with streetwear pieces from Supreme, BAPE, Palace and more.

Instagram: courtorderza


La Familia Street Culture

You cannot mention sneaker reselling without naming La Familia, founded by Kayde Psiroukis, famed Vato Kayde. He started running the reselling biz from his mom’s house to moving inside a gym space and now La Familia is located in a well-built space which carries rarest & most exclusive sneakers, apparel and accessories. The space also houses a Barbershop, Lounge and a Courtyard area. La Familia lives online, however, also visit their store for some exclusives.

Instagram: lafamiliagallery


Cape Kickz

Cape Kickz is the home of all things Hype – offering Sneakers and Streetwear. Founded by Grant Baron, collector /sneakerhead, the platform specializes in importing sneakers not available to the local market but also procurement of the local drops. Their site is filled with a variety of sneakers from YEEZY, Air Jordan, Nike X Off-White and Streetwear brands including Supreme, KITH and more.

Instagram: cape_kickz


Story Cape Town

Being in the game for a few months,  Story is a Premium Sneaker, Streetwear & Collectibles consignment Store, located in Cape Town and online. Story has quickly become one of the biggest names in Cape Town, headed by Chris Jack and Lukas J Marais. Their premium space houses a variety of sneakers, rare apparel pieces, and accessories.



Limited Run

The recently launched Limited Run, also adds to the list of the best reseller sites. The platform so far has some of the recent Air Jordan releases, along with some YEEZY’s and Apparel.

Instagram: limitedrunshop


The Back Door

The Back Door comes latest as one of the to-go-to marketplaces for all things Sneakers, Apparel and accessories.  The store offers Buy, Sell, Consign, and Trade services available online and has a physical store. Visiting the store you’ll def sure bump into most recent drops from. Jordans, YEEZYs, amongst other limited drops.

Instagram: the_back.door



The Sole Provider

A freshly launched and new addition to our trusted marketplaces, The Sole Provider is an online-based store carrying some of the key sneaker drops that you might have missed out on.  Air Jordans, YEEZYs, a couple of Nike’s and Hefted Laces are some of the products that make up the online store.

Instagram: thesoleprovider_sa



Swest Kicks

Swest Kicks is a strictly online South African sneaker and streetwear marketplace, serving all things sneakers and streetwear.  The platform maintains its stability by carrying the latest sneaker releases, you can name anything from the Dunks, YEEZY’s, and other heated Jordan Brand offerings.

Instagram: swest_kicks


Sole Reserve

Sole Reserve was founded at the beginning of 2020 with the aim to serve the most recent hyped sneakers and streetwear. The platform offers extended services including selling your sneakers, trading, and as well as sourcing pairs. Shopping wise you can pick up anything from Jordan brand, YEEZY’s, Off-White streetwear, and some cool accessories.

Instagram: sole.reserve


NB* We will keep updating this list throughout the year.


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