PUMA recently released another clean rendition of the Slipstream Lo — tagging with the “Welcome Unbored” campaign casting local superstars Blxckie and Uncle Vinny.

The origins of the silhouette date back to the Slipstream, a high-top basketball shoe born in 1987 as a successor to the SKY LX. Presented as a performance model that was “engineered for the serious player,” according to advertisements at the time, the Slipstream was a pioneer for its innovative material makeups, which featured embellishments like faux snakeskin, leather, and faux fur.

We had a chat with Uncle Vinny, to talk music, fashion, and obviously being part of the Slipstream campaign : 


What is the first track that touched you and let you discover the power of music?

UNCLE VINNY: Drake’s Started From The Bottom. That is the tune that gassed me.

How old were you when you knew music is what you wanted to do with your life?

UNCLE VINNY: Grade 7. I went to art school and was very focused. Thinking I don’t want a regular 9 to 5 job, so it’s now or never.

What makes you stand out as an artist?

UNCLE VINNY: ‘Cos I am me. I don’t try to be anybody else.

How do you ensure the well of creativity never runs dry?

UNCLE VINNY: I get a lot of inspiration by traveling, with new experiences.

How important is a work ethic in the music industry?

UNCLE VINNY: You need to work the studio 24/7 to stay on top of your game. You need to take the time crafting the best work to put out there for the fans. If you don’t put in the work there’s no bread!

How do you measure success – a gold record, topping the streaming charts, winning an award, or is it something more?

UNCLE VINNY: I measure success by how I am living my dream. Am I living up to my expectations.


What do you look for when it comes to clothing and sneakers?

UNCLE VINNY: I dress on how I feel in the moment. If I am feeling cool I dress cool. If I'm feeling jiggy I dress jiggy.

You are part of PUMA’s Hometown Heroes campaign and now the Slipstream campaign which also features the likes of Neymar and Blxckie. What attracted you to partner with the brand?

UNCLE VINNY: PUMA has been my home. If you know me you know I love PUMA. Being part of the Hometown Heroes campaign was my story. The campaign spoke to me. The messages on the caps are the messages being passed around by all the hustlers out there.

Originally Slipstream was an 80s basketball shoe, but it keeps coming back with new flavour, what do you like about the sneaker?

UNCLE VINNY: It is clean. Not too loud, but not too shy either. I am rocking it ‘cos you can do a lot with it.


It is relatively early days in your career, but do you ever sit back and consider what you would like your legacy to be in terms of the SA and global music industry?

UNCLE VINNY: I would like the industry to show me much love while I am still alive, as I am going to be here for the longest time. So give me my daps. Then one day they can look back and say he did it in his own unique way.

The PUMA Slipstream (388549 01) is now available for R1999 at PUMA.com, PUMA Stores, Side Step, sportscene, The Cross Trainer, Shesha, and selected retailers.


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